Kristin Burmeister, EdD, PPS Director

PJC offers a drop-in parent and child program for children 3 months to 4 years of age  every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:30am-11:30am.  The program is play-based for children with their parent/guardian, in an environment where parents and children learn and grow together every day. Parents get involved with their children’s education. Children develop cognitive, social, emotional, fine and gross motor skills, and social skills through rich child-centered, play-based activities. Parents learn about and observe their child’s development in a supportive community of other West Oakland families with young children. Parents bond with their children through play, enhance their understanding of child development, and have access to critical tools and resources for their families.

PPS Program Outcomes

For Children

  1. Language: Decrease the word gap by developing oral language and vocabulary skills.
  2. Pre Literacy: Phonemic awareness and alphabet knowledge.
  3. Pre-Math: Numbers, shapes, comparisons, grouping, order, counting, sense of time, and chess.
  4. Science: Cause and effect, natural world, including weather, growth, and animals.
  5. Rhythmic Interaction: Music, singing, dancing, and other motor skills.
  6. Social behavior: Respect, self-care, impulse control, communication, problem solving.
  7. Art: Fine motor skills, neural development, and problem-solving abilities.

For Parents

  1. Increased family involvement with their children’s education at PJC and at home with easy, interactive concepts.
  2. Build awareness and knowledge about the importance of child development.
  3. Increased parent familiarity with and access to PJC and community resources and services.
  4. Parents form a community of support with other parents and the teachers.

 For the Community

  1. Residents re-invest in their community’s potential growth.
  2. Increased child development and early childhood opportunities.
  3. Provides a shared, safe space to receive various services and resources for family sustainability, including community building.
  4. Improved school readiness and academic success for future generations.
  5. Promote the ongoing renewal of community spirit, and cultural acceptance and understanding.

Pre Preschool families at Robert’s Redwood Regional Park, July 2017