Working daily with families in need in West Oakland.

Health & Wellness Programs

Some programs may require appointments and/or referrals. Please inquire for more information.
Open every second Monday of the month, 1–3pm

The Immunization Clinic at Prescott-Joseph Center

Immunization Clinic at PJC Open every 2nd Monday of the month, 1-3pm

Quality accessible health care in West Oakland is a critical need. In response, Prescott-Joseph Center established a preventive health clinic in this area of West Oakland in partnership with the advocacy and leadership of Alameda County Public Health nurses and West Oakland Health Ministry nurses who pushed to open the clinic as soon as possible. The clinic, located in the Prescott-Joseph Center, has been operating since February 2001.

The clinic is nurse run and provides basic child immunizations, flu shots, T.B. screening and tetanus shots. The clinic is open every second Monday of the month from 1-3pm. For more information, call 510.835.8683.

If you are in urgent need of vaccinations, flu shots, T.B. testing or tetanus shots, please call 211 to get help finding other free immunization sites or check these sites:

Eastmont Wellness Center

(510) 567-5700

Eastmont Professional Building
Address: 6955 Foothill Blvd. (@ 73rd Ave.), Oakland
Hours: M – F 8:30a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Fees: Sliding Scale based on income.
Note: By appointment only. Proof of income required. Proof of residence in Alameda County and Photo ID required.
City of Berkeley Public Health Clinic

(510) 981-5300

Address: 830 University Ave. (@ 6th St.), Berkeley
Hours: T 9:00am-11:00am/1:00pm-4:00pm
Reading Time: Thursdays 1-4
Fees: Sliding scales based on income
Note: Drop-in. Medi-Cal accepted.
Berkeley Free Clinic

(510) 548-2570

Address: 2339 Durant Ave. (at Dana St.), Berkeley
Hours: M-F 5:45p.m.-9:00p.m.
Fees: None
Note: Call at 5:45 p.m. for same-day appointment. (Same day appointments only)

Supporting our West Oakland Seniors

Senior Wellness ~ Senior Lunch & BINGO!

On the last Wednesday of each month, we offer a free hot lunch for West Oakland seniors and 10 games of Bingo. Seniors socialize and connect with friends each month. Birthdays and other special occasions are celebrated together.


Providing no-cost asthma care to children with asthma at sites throughout the Bay Area.

Northern California Breathmobile

Northern California Breathmobile The Breathmobile is a 33ft. Winnebago RV outfitted with the latest medical equipment to function as a mobile asthma clinic. Inside the van, there is an intake station, a small waiting space, a testing area for vital signs including Oximetry, allergen testing and spirometry, and an exam room. On board are two computer systems, a health risk assessment system for asthma, a screening module for pre-diabetes, and a state of the art electronic medical records system called “AsmaTrax”. A video system is also on board to play educational videos and CDs. A team of specially-trained healthcare providers travels to different schools in the community to identify and treat children with asthma every 4-6 weeks. Children undergo a history, a physical examination, pulmonary function testing and skin testing for allergens when indicated. Children that are diagnosed with asthma and their parents or guardians, receive a comprehensive, individualized asthma management plan as well as education on self-management every visit so they can care for their asthma at home. Ongoing care at regular follow-up appointments ensures that the plan is working. No child leaves on appointment without medication or means of obtaining medications and an asthma action plan. Families are also referred to a Healthy Homes inspection looking for asthma triggers and consultation regarding alleviating contact with triggers and other household allergens.